WASD - Movement

Mouse - aim, left and right click (you have to earn the right click)

Play as the kid as he gets his first job. All he's got to do is collect some bullets for his boss. That there's a good job 'round these part for a boy o' 12.

Catch 75 bullets, then something might happen. Then catch 350 bullets and something else might happen.

Theme was "Genre without mechanic." This is bullet hell game without dodging the bullets - catch 'em instead.

Made solo with some other credit here: I took heavy influence from Enter the Gungeon for the art style. Mostly in the characters. 

Game made in Unity

Font came from the Unity Asset Store . 

Sound made with Bfxr  

My code here if you want:  

Made withUnity
TagsBullet Hell

Development log

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