WASD - Movement

Mouse - Aim

Left click - Attack

The Dark Dirk of Oversized Guys' Surprise is a stealth action game about taking down a large foe with the element of surprise (and 2 Dirks of Giant Slaying +2).

You have found yourself in the giant's lair and can barely see 2m in front of you. Still, you must persevere and take down this large foe. Be careful when attacking the giant too much, as he will get angry and turn a deep shade of red (as giants do). When he is angry, he will pace relentlessly around the room trying to find you and he'll put his back into every swing of his Greatsword of Puny Person Punishing +4. 

Made for The Big Festive Game Jam by Game Dev Network with the theme of Surprise. It's kind of surprising: you surprise the giant by doing x5 damage if he's unaware of you, and he surprises you by clobbering you from the dark for half your health. Surprise! I've been playing Dark Souls 2 for about the past month so some of those concepts sneaked their way into this game. The text for the game I modeled after the text from the game Crawl (admittedly, not quite as well). 

The field of view for the character uses a stencil shader. I didn't write the shader code  myself, I got it from a video (linked at the bottom). 

I did do the shitty art myself (I'm sorry) and the sound effects using the tool listed below (again, sorry).

Code, Art, Sounds, Design - Solrun#6286

Sound effects made with https://www.bfxr.net/

Code for Stencil Shader: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkcCWqifT9M

Adapted for 2D by Shurikend from the comments of the video: pastebin.com/NaiXch83 and pastebin.com/E2Nu2ytb

Made withUnity

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