A downloadable game for Windows

Controls: Play with 4 Controllers

Movement: Left Stick

Pickup/Drop: A

Use: B or X

Close Game: Esc

Quick tutorial: Press A to pick stuff up, then press B to see what it does and you'll probably figure it out.

Tutorial: Pick up tools with A, then use them with B. The axe is for breaking down doors and walls to get into the house. If you don't have an axe, you can press B to punch doors down in a pinch.  The fire extinguishers are for putting out the fires. The fireman nozzle is also for putting out fires and is more powerful than the personal extinguishers, but it can only go as far as its hose will let it. Don't forget to pick up(A) and use(B) your fireman's hat and jacket to protect yourself from the fire (but be sure to share). If you do happen to start on fire, just remember your training: press B to stop, drop, and roll. Roll around until all the fire is out, then press B to stop, get up, and continue. The inhabitant of the houses are too afraid to be able to rescue themselves so you are going to have to go and pick them up(A). Take them outside as far down as you can and drop(A) them. 

Play as a group of up to 4 firefighters as you put out fires and rescue civilians from peril. Be careful not to let the fire destroy too much of these houses. If the fire destroys too much of the house, that will be considered a job NOT well done. Do your job well and then pose for a selfie with your crew to commemorate another great day at the office.

Game Made for 4COOP Jam

Made by Solrun

Sound effects made with www.bfxr.net with some editing in Audacity. Game made in Unity. Graphics made in Blender and Paint.net. Font gotten from https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/fonts/pixel-font-tripfive-64734

Source Code: https://github.com/TyLanger/FireHose

Install instructions

Unzip and run Fire Hose.exe


Fire Hose.zip 12 MB

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