W/S - Increase/decrease throttle

A/D - Steer left and right

Mouse - Shoot

Piracy and Abduction: Cannonball of Justice (or PaACoJ for short) is a game about a lone boat trying to survive on the open ocean.

You are the brave captain of this bunch of sailors. Keep a large and healthy crew and they will repair your boat, make you accelerate faster, and reload faster, allowing you to fire more cannonballs. But you'd better watch out for pirates in these waters that want to sink your boat and plunder your gold. Some even say there is something else out in the water abducting crew right off of their boats…

Theme was "Space and Sea" as represented by the vast ocean and the aliens who try to abduct your crew. I admit, there are too few aliens to really warrant the "space" aspect of the theme; I should have had them spawn more frequently.

Code, Art, Sounds, Design - Solrun#6286

Code: https://github.com/TyLanger/DragonJam

Made withUnity

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