Made for Ludum Dare 41. Theme was "Combine Two Incompatible Genres." In this case, racing and bullet hell.

Xbox controller recommended. 

Left stick to steer, right trigger is gas, left trigger is brake.

Keyboard: A & D to steer, K for gas, J is brake.

The menu can be (kinda) navigated with the left stick or WASD. If you click on Random, then you can press 's' or down on the thumb stick to get to Start. Enter or A button to select. There is no visual representation of this, but it might work. It's something Unity did automatically that I couldn't quite figure out how to work with properly. 

The Skeleton Lord has been amassing a horde of skeletons. This army is growing underground in his dungeon lair. It is up to you to venture into this structure of winding tunnels to crush as many skeletons as you can, but watch out for their magic fire balls. If you don't have a sword or any other kind of weapon, you may just have to improvise.

Most everything was made by me. Car sounds are hard so those come from the unity Vehicles Asset Package.

Source code:

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